The Twenty Year War

In the year 384 of the Fifth Era the King of Davonry died without an heir. The kingdom had been torn, politically speaking, for many years with a rising number of the peasantry pushing for reform and the removal of corrupt lords. When the king passed with no heir, Lord Jean Bordeaux stepped forward to claim the throne. His ascension, while lauded by the rest of the nobility, was met with fierce and violent resistance from the rest of the populace of Davonry. After having sat on the throne for only 2 days an army of resistance fighters laid siege to the castle and with that, The Davonry Civil War had begun.

War raged in Davonry for over a year and a resolution to the conflict was nowhere in sight. So it was that the kingdom’s two neighbors, Kaltos and Wenhir, began to watch the war-torn nation with hungry interest. After two more years of fighting without either side being near to claiming victor, Kaltos stepped forward with an offer: Kaltos would fight on behalf of the resistance and in return Davonry would become a self-governed territory under the rule of Kaltos. The resistance accepted and in turn the nobility of Davonry turned to Wenhir. The desperate nobles of Davonry had no choice but to accept the terms Wenhir put forth.

While small, Davonry did boast a number of natural and magical resources as well as a central location. The benefits that the winner could claim were many and it wasn’t long before other Kingdoms began to join sides. Kaltos found allies in Caverdeen and Bolbur while Wenhir gathered support from Molkaria and Grufagor. Xe’ Shal remained neutral as did other smaller neighboring nations.


For the next 16 years, war would rage in Davonry as wave after wave of troops were funneled into the valley kingdom. The land was ravaged, it’s resources plundered, it’s people killed. In a conflict where hundreds of thousands had lost their life with little progress made by either side it was therefore all the more surprising when a single man began to change the tide of battle.

He was known as The Dervish of Davonry a youth born of rebels and forged by war . He was reported as being like lightning both in regards to his speed and his destructive capabilities.. Whatever battlefield he was on yielded naught but victory for the Kaltos alliance. Soon enemies would flee and his sight and in less than a year, victory was claimed by the rebels when The Dervish hoisted Lord Bordeaux’s head high above Bracken Castle . A peace treaty was signed between Kaltos and Wenhir and after 20 years of conflict, Davonry finally knew peace.

The Twenty Year War

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