Player Information

Story Tidbits

Your characters are coming from Kaltos to help bolster the settlements previously established. You’re contractually bound to serve as ship hands and work as guards on the trip over but once you’re there you’re free to pursue whatever interests you desire. The new world is brimming with opportunity.

Your ship on the voyage over is The Sea Hammer, captained by the one and only, Captain Stumpy Iron Toe. The trip will take 3 months and you share a ship with about 150 other passengers. You will be making land on the southern most colony of Hollander County, which is overseen by the Lord Edwin Pendle.

Character Creation


Stats are obtained by rolling 4d6 for each stat, rerolling 1’s, and taking the sum of the highest three dice. Each player may roll two sets of stats and choose which set of stats they’d like to proceed with.

Backstory Bonus XP

Give me a backstory, get XP, simple as that

Working Wage

Each character starts with an additional 75 gp for serving on the trip to the untamed lands.

Random Benefit

Each character gets a single roll on my super secret Benefits table. It’s pretty awesome. No you can’t see it, it’s mine, get your own.

Allowed Material

I’m currently allowing all content in the core books plus the Complete Series. If you have a request outside of this, let me know and I can approve things on a case by case basis. In addition I’m allowing the use of character flaws as described in Unearthed Arcana (limit 2).

This article contains exceptions, quirks, and oddities that you will find in my world that differ from rules you’ll read in the player’s handbook. I will also lay some ground rules herein so we’re all on the same page regarding rules, what is and isn’t allowed, as well as expectations. Character Creation has been added for good measure.

House Rules

Character Death

When your character dies or becomes inactive, you’ll make a new character. Your new character’s experience will be equal to the character in the party with the lowest experience. All other character creation details proceed as above.

Game Mechanics


When you are knocked prone and need to stand up you can do so as a move action unless the square you are in is threatened. If the square you are in is threatened you can stand up as a standard action without drawing an attack of opportunity or you may stand up as a move action which will provoke and attack of opportunity


  • I will be using the rule that three natural twenties in a row equals an instant kill on a creature. Keep in mind that creatures that are immune to instant kill attacks are immune to this.
    • Example: Eric rolls a natural twenty against Hulgak, King of the Giants. Eric rolls again to confirm the critical and rolls another natural twenty. He then rolls a third time to confirm the deadly blow, it comes up twenty and Hulgak is killed instantly in some dramatic fashion.
  • Rolling a natural one will result in a re-roll. If the subsequent roll comes up as a 1-5 there will be a critical failure event increasing in severity from 5 to 1. This will be negated however for numbers 5 to 2 if the roll plus your modifier would hit the creature.
    • Example: Tim rolls a natural one. He then rolls a 2. Ordinarily this would be a critical failure event, however, Tim was attacking a goblin and was using an artifact weapon that gave him a +30 to hit, which makes his total to hit on the second roll a 32. This beats the goblin’s AC so no critical failure happens. Net Result: Tim misses goblin with no adverse effects.

Custom Fit Armor

If you can find the smith (or leather worker, etc) skilled enough, you can requisition a set of custom fit armor for the cost of approximately 1000g plus the original cost of the armor. The new custom fit armor increases the original armor’s maximum dexterity modifier by +1. This bonus only applies for the individual whom the armor was customized for. All other individuals will take a -1 to their max dexterity modifier if they wear the custom fit armor. This in turn results in a lower resale value for the armor.

Also keep in mind that in addition to finding the skilled craftsman you’ll need to secure adequate time to have said armor fitted and made. The length of time will vary depending on the type of armor and the skill of the craftsman.

Player Information

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