Establishment of New Kaltos


Colonization Plans

Once the new lands across The Great Waters were discovered, the King of Koltas began to draw up plans with his advisers on how to colonize and consolidate power in the region. The result of this was to send three clusters of colonies. The concept of the cluster was important as it allowed for the colonies to support each other in terms of exploration, trade, and defense. Three clusters were important because it allowed for a larger Kaltos footprint along the coast line without over-committing resources/colonists to any one location.

While the ideal number of 30 colonies would be a fantastic start, it would hardly be enough to establish the region as a new territory of Kaltos. For that they’d need more people (soldiers specifically), as well as defensive structures, and a better understanding of the region. The establishment of New Kaltos was going to be a three-step process.

Step 1: Establish initial colonies to gather information of the area and begin to settle the territory

Step 2: Grow and develop existing colonies with resources from the mainland.

Step 3: Establish a seat of power in most desirable location and expand as able.

As was planned, the colonists ships all remained in the new land after initial landing. This was to provide shelter/safe haven while the colony was being built but also to allow the colonists to have a safe location to store goods that would be shipped back to the mainland as part of their required tribute. When the new ships arrived, the old ones would head back home and the process would repeat.

Step 2 would ideally take many years to complete with yearly supplies from the mainland. However the war prevented this from happening. So, to make up for lost time, the King decided to sent a larger than usual fleet (made possible by emerging victorious in the war) and would be sending his duke along with them to begin scouting for a seat of power. In all the new fleet would have 151 ships, 45 plus 5 escort per colony as well as the duke’s ship.

The duke would depart with the southern most colony group first (toward Hollander County). He would spend some time in each county making assessments and issuing orders before gathering the colonies cargo laden ships and moving on to the next colony (Talbot). His entourage would grow at each colony and he’d return home with a bounty of goods and a report for the King.

Colony Governance

Politically speaking each colony would be governed by a lord (or a high ranking knight from the 20 Year War). Each cluster of colonies would be overseen by a Count who would rule from one of the colonies. A duke would be assigned to the seat of power, once established, to oversee the counts and all of Kaltos’ interests in the untamed lands.

The three colony clusters (counties) that were created were assigned the names the counts who would be governing them; Brackenbur, Talbot, and Hollander.

Establishment of New Kaltos

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