Discovery and Colonization of the Untamed Lands


The Battle of Bonburi took place in year 393/5E during the The Twenty Year War. It was a naval battle warred in the Bay of BonBori and over 200 hundred ships were reported to have participated. During the battle, Captain James Havershall’s ship, The Nightingale , took massive damage and had to retreat. They were pursued by enemy ships and so, to escape capture, fled into the open ocean. They were trailed for a week before the enemy ship broke off pursuit. It was at this point in time that the captain became aware that much of their navigation equipment had been destroyed in the battle. For most captains this would not be an issue but Captain Havershall had never learned to navigate by the stars and his first mate, who did, was dead.

So it was that the crew of the Nightingale sailed blind. Overcast skies added to their difficulty and if not for the surplus supplies from dead crewmen, they’d have starved. They managed to catch a variety of different exotic sea life which was a delicious as it was beautiful and were thus sustained for the 3 months that the Nightingale wandered across The Great Waters. When they finally made land it was to a new country, untouched and unblemished by the hands of man. All around them was nature’s bounty. Exotic animals, fruits, and trees hinted that they had discovered paradise.

For a period of two months the crew of the Nightingale gathered supplies and repaired their ship. Captain Havershall spent every night looking up at the night sky and back to the star maps that he had previously kept as a tablecloth on his supper table. In so much, if it’s to be believed, he taught himself how to navigate by the stars and so the crew ventured back home with news of the new land and a bounty of exotics.

Upon hearing news of this new land the King immediately went about preparations to go colonize this new territory. The twenty year war had taught him how valuable land could be and now there was a whole continent for the taking. In the year 399/5E a fleet of 37 ships set out for the Untamed Land. The intention was to colonize three different regions of the new territory with 10 colonies each (each ship would start a colony). Each group of 10 ships would have a 2 ship armed escort that would also do some additional scouting as well as bring back more goods. A master admiral ship, under the command of Captain Havershall, would oversee the entire operation to and from.

The initial colonization went remarkably well, with only two colony ships being lost two storms (both from the same northern cluster group). According to plan the 6 ships scouted and gathered a few supplies before heading back to Kaltos. The colonies were expected to fill the ships they had sailed over on with goods for return on the next trip in a years time. The next trip was delayed however. Constant pressure from the war meant few resources were available, especially to send so far away. So year after year the trip was delayed. Finally, with the wars conclusion in the year 404/5E, resources could be allocated and a new expedition was put together to bolster the new colonies and secure the Establishment of New Kaltos. The new fleet would set sail on 406/5E.

Discovery and Colonization of the Untamed Lands

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