The colony of Powick sits as the southern most colony of the Southern Colony cluster (also known as Hollander County).

Lord Hubert Haverly is the Lord Governor.

The town is quite prosperous having a glut of natural resources (Rare ores, fruits, animals, etc.) and due in part to the orderly rule of the governor whose laws, while slightly restricting, kept the citizens safe. The town’s sheriff is Haemisch McClaugh who organizes volunteers to keep to town safe from outside threats.

The town has several areas of interest:

  • The Stray Arrow – Tavern run by Donald Mudbuckle
  • Eve’s Smithy – Blacksmithing and entertainment courtesy of Evanil “Eve” Leoren
  • Church of Pelor – overseen by Father Burd
  • Barter Shop – run by Rupert Valley


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