Untamed Lands

Winston's Adventure Log #3

That $#@!ing bone claw, necro @#$%! I know that deals with demonic beings are never wise, but I found myself deciding between death and a half-life. While I do not regret my decision, I do fear that there may be more consequences than benefits from this arrangement with my new benefactor.

Winston's Adventure Log #2

North of Sunshore, I have discovered a wonderful culinary treat known as a “cookie”. The cleric, at first, feared that the woman had made them with poison! However, clever me, I was able to convince the orc to eat one first, and when he didn’t die, I decided to try them myself. It was the most delectable dessert, and I especially enjoyed the “chocolate chips”!

Winston's Adventure Log #1
Eldos and Tokas

Our party returned to Vert’s Camp with what pathetic mercenaries Ibstock could muster only to find that they had been, and I quote, “eliminated from existence.” I learned that these lands are home to the Tokas, a peculiar subspecies of elvenkind with skin and eyes the color of milk. In times past, this continent was ruled by powerful beings known as the Eldos. Elnir, the one these fanatics worshiped, was one such being. The Tokas seek to destroy all remaining artifacts of this ancient race to prevent them from ruling these lands once again. Only time will tell what other curious artifacts of Eldos I may discover during my travels.

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