Evanil "Eve" Leoren

Blacksmith and Entertainer for the colony of Poswick


Evanil, or “Eve” as most call her, is an elf blacksmith lauded for her craft and showmanship. She enjoys working at her forge and the magical flashes the emanate from her tattoos with each strike never cease to draw ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from the crowds. She makes smithing look simple both by how quickly she moves as well as with the wit and banter she engages her audience with.

After the forge is cool, she likes to unwind with friends at The Stray Arrow, letting her red hair out of it’s usual ponytail. She’s quick to laugh, and slow to anger, but when pushed too far she’s a volcano of fury that only time can cool.

Many are the question she receives regarding her tattoos but her response is memorized and quick, “just souvenirs from my youth” before she jumps to another line of conversation.

Evanil "Eve" Leoren

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